Omega Owners Exude Confidence
By Joe Carrot

NEW YORK—The Omega league has finished establishing all 12 franchises for
the 2006 season.  The league will be divided into three divisions based on

Although the draft has yet to take place, confidence is overflowing
throughout the league.  Said Indro Dhar, owner of the San Diego Manatees, "I
feel like we have the best front office in the league, so we're definitely
going to draft a great team.  Don Nehlen will take it from there, play our
team great, and take it all the way (to the championship)."

Other franchises seem to be confident as well, but for other reasons.  A
high-ranking front office official from the New York Rough Riders, who asked
to remain anonymous, believes that New York is at an advantage due to its
location in New York City and its state-of-the-art field, Masroor
HasanStadium.  The official believes that this will lead to relatively large revenues,
which in turn will lead to the best team in the league.

The inaugural draft will take place on Thursday, August 24, 2006.


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