Week 5 Power Rankings
by Joe Carrot
October 10, 2006
MIAMI-The New York Ruff Ryders visited the Miami Dolphins in what turned
out to be an over-hyped game.  New York won out in the end, 59-50, on an
excellent performance by their defense, but the game was marred with
mistakes by both coaching staffs in not playing their best receivers.
In the end, neither team was seriously affected by the outcome, as New
York already enjoys a lead in their division, while Miami's main
competition, New Jersey, also lost. to the bottom-feeding Yanquis.  That
loss gave Connecticut their first win of the season.
But New York cannot afford to become complacent.  Even though they won,
Omaha also won.  So they have to make sure the injury to Larry
Fitzgerald does not affect their team, because they cannot let their
guard down for a second.
1. Hawaiian Punch
Hawaii didn't take long to reclaim the top spot in the rankings.  They
beat an underrated Seattle Giants team and were one of the few bright
spots in an otherwise crappy week of football.
2. New York Ruff Ryders
They are sitting comfortably atop their division and beat a very good
team, albeit in a poorly-played game.
3. Miami Dolphins
Miami lost and yet they move up two spots.
That's how bad this week was for many teams around the league.
4. Portland JailBlazers
I always call Portland explosive.  But this week, they just exploded.
5. Springfield Pirates
If things continue, the Gangstas will overtake Portland by next week.
They played very well this Sunday.
6. Philadelphia Phanatics
A tough loss and an even tougher division are like a vice closing in on
the Phanatics' playoff hopes.
7. Seattle Giants
Seattle is up one week and down the next.
8. New Jersey Archenemy
New Jersey lost to Connecticut.
Enough said.
9. Omaha 9Ball
I find it ironic that as soon as some front office changes were made,
the 9Ball start winning.  If only they had done this sooner.
10. Lathom Legion
Omaha's win was more impressive that Lathom's, so the 9Ball get the edge
over the Legion.  But look for things to change for the better next
11. Connecticut Yanquis
Right when the Yankees lose, the Yanquis win a game.  What a !%^*ed-up
12. Loudonville Legends
I hate to be negative, but I always said that once the Legends hit the
cellar they would never be able to get back up.  Loudonville has two
erratic quarterbacks and this upcoming week isn't looking good, either.
The good news: Maurice Jones-Drew.
The bad news: they only have him for one year.
Game of Week 6 - Miami Dolphins @ Portland JailBlazers
Eli Manning and Donovan McNabb.  Ronnie Brown and Steven Jackson.
Denver defense and Pittsburgh defense.
Both of these teams are loaded.  Both of these teams are at the top of
their divisions.  Both of these teams were upset this past week.
Both of these teams will play with a vengeance.
Prediction: Miami edges out Portland, 66-64.