Carrot Eats Crow
by Joe Carrot
October 17, 2006
PORTLAND-I will be doing some crow-eating today.  Why?  My prediction
for Game of Week 6, Miami Dolphins at Portland JailBlazers, was Miami
edging out Portland.
But things don't always turn out the way you think.
Not only did Miami not "edge out" Portland, they got walloped.  Big
time.  54-89 big time.
Fueled by an insane-and probably stoned-home crowd, Portland clicked on
all cylinders.  The triple-threat of Manning, Jackson and Williams was
unstoppable.  Even the defense and special teams managed to put up 32
combined points.
Let's just hope Game of Week 7 is more in-line with my predictions.
Crow gives me upset stomach.
1. Hawaiian Punch (1)
Hawaii stays on top after beating down on poor Philadelphia, but they
better not underestimate.
2. the Portland JailBlazers. (4)
The JailBlazers are turning me bi-polar.  Right when I think they're
explosive, they explode.  Then next week, vices versa.  If this team
becomes more consistent, watch out!
3. New York Ruff Ryders (2)
They lost to an underestimated Lathom Legion team.  This team should
thank its lucky stars that it plays in the cream-puff division, the
4. Miami Dolphins (3)
Yes, Miami lost.  However, it was against a good team.  So, they stay in
the top four. for this week, at least.  But Miami needs to make sure
they stay on top in their division, because it's almost certain the wild
card team will come out of the West.
5. Seattle Giants (7)
Seattle is talented, but the coaching staff can never get them to play
consistently.  Nevertheless, a triple-digit performance can definitely
catapult one over the likes of Springfield and Philadelphia.
6. Philadelphia Phanatics (6)
With playoff hopes fading, Philly can take solace in the fact that they
lost to a good team.  Or maybe not.
7. New Jersey Archenemy (8)
They won this week, giving them an even record with Miami.  But there
will be no wild card for East teams.  It's basically division title or
8. Springfield Pirates (5)
The Gangstas are overtaken by Philly since the Phanatics played a very
tough opponent this week.
Good news: Their playoff hopes are alive and well since they're only one
game behind division-leading New York.
Bad news: So are Omaha and Connecticut.  (Yeah, that's right, those damn
9. Omaha 9Ball (9)
Even though Omaha lost, they're still second in their division and only
one game behind.  Also, they put up 85 points.
10. Lathom Legion (10)
You wanna know what's scary?  Trent Green is coming back soon.
11. Connecticut Yanquis (11)
The Yanquis now have a two game winning streak.  Being only one game
behind, a couple of waiver wire moves on the league's shiny new free
agency system wouldn't hurt.  (Hint, hint.)
12. Laudonville Legends (12)
Maybe next year.
Game of Week 7 - New York Ruff Ryders @ Portland JailBlazers
Springfield's playing Lathom, so Springfield should come out of next
week 3-4.  Connecticut is playing Hawaii, so look for the Yanquis to
resume their losing ways and for Hawaii to go 6-1.
That makes this game a must win for both teams, as neither can afford a
Prediction: Portland has their way with New York, 80-65.