Week 7 Power Rankings
by Joe Carrot
October 24, 2006
PORTLAND-Unlike last week, Portland is making me very happy.  Having bet
against Portland in their game with Miami in my Game of Week 6, I got
smarter, picking the JailBlazers over the Ruff Ryders in the Game of
Week 7.  And it paid off-big time.  Portland won 76-58, very close to my
prediction of 80-65.
The JailBlazers have sold out back-to-back home games and are
maintaining a slim lead over division-rival Hawaii.  Should they lose
out on the division, they will probably still win the wild card spot.
But that doesn't mean that the fans will be happy with that.
"I love JailBlazer home games, man," says Garry, a 20-year old college
student wearing a hemp team t-shirt.  "It's, like, cool 'cuz we can
smoke pot and not get arrested.  Oh, and we like the JailBlazers too.
So I definitely want the JailBlazers to win the division.  That way, we
get more home games.  So we can smoke more pot."  (Garry then went on to
stare at his hands for four very awkward minutes.)  "Oh, and also to
watch the JailBlazers, man."
Carry on Garry.  Carry on.
Hawaiian Punch (1)
Hawaii defeated a hapless Connecticut team right when things were going
the Yanquis' way.  More importantly, Hawaii is still a stronger team
than Portland.
Portland JailBlazers (2)
Portland could have scored more points had they been more active in free
agency and found a replacement for Steven Jackson.
Miami Dolphins (4)
Miami won, improving their playoff hopes significantly.  They needed
this win badly, but almost didn't get it had it not been for a last
minute FG by Mr. Clutch Adam Vinatieri.  But be forewarned, Miami: you
edged-out a not-so-good Omaha team and should watch your back.
New York Ruff Ryders (3)
They have now lost two games in a row. but so has every other team in
the division.  Interestingly enough, they could still miss the playoffs
in the last weeks of the season.  If that happens, I guarantee New York
will not be in the top four of my rankings.  Guaranteed.
Philadelphia Phanatics (6)
Philly shows up against lesser teams, then disappears when playing
stronger ones.
Seattle Giants (5)
Seattle put up great points this week, they just couldn't win on the
road against a very tough Philly team.  This team is much better than
their record indicates.
New Jersey Archenemy (7)
A week ago they were tied with Miami for the division lead.  Now, they
are not.  Wow, how quickly things change.
Springfield Pirates (8)
Their fate is tied to the Ruff Ryders.  If New York blows the creampuff
division title, expect this team to switch places with them in the
Omaha 9Ball (9)
Omaha put up 80+ points for the second consecutive week. and lost for
the second consecutive week.  But don't be discouraged: every other team
in the creampuff division lost too.
Lathom Legion (10)
Lathom is actually good and should improve next season.
Loudonville Legends (12)
Tip # 1 for improving this team: fix the starting quarterback, both for
now and the future.
Connecticut Yanquis (11)
The Yanquis have re-taken their rightful place as the bottom-feeders of
the league, but take heart: they lost to a very good team.
Game of Week 8 - Hawaiian Punch @ Portland JailBlazers
Even though this is the third week in a row that Portland is playing in
the game of the week, they deserve this one more than any of the others.
This game will determine who wins the division.  And guess what?  It's
in Portland. again.  
Prediction: Hawaii takes it in a squeaker, 85-84.