Week 8 Power Rankings
by Joe Carrot
October 31, 2006
PORTLAND-After spending my third week here in Portland, I can barely
tolerate it anymore.  The hippies, the pot, the lack of urban areas. Now
mix all of that with Halloween.  It's freak central here and I have to
get out, I'm going crazy.
One good thing-for me-was that Hawaii won, which gives me a two-game
winning streak on my Game of the Week predictions.
Oh, and you can guarantee I won't pick the Portland game for this week's
The Phanatics went fanatic in Free Agency this week (hardy-har-har),
adding Gould and Harrington while dropping Drew Bennett and Cincinnati.
This is obviously their attempt to make the playoffs this year.  It
might not be a bad move, as Bennett and Cincinnati didn't have very
bright futures with the team to begin with while Gould and Harrington
bring good value.  The question is, can they still catch up?  Believe it
or not, I think they actually can. I just wouldn't bet the farm on it.
Philadelphia has the best passing game in the league bar-none, but they
need younger running backs to complement Green and Dillon.
1. Hawaiian Punch (1)
Defeating your closest competition can help you win your division. and a
spot atop this week's rankings.
2. Miami Dolphins (3)
Miami is on a two-game winning streak, and like Hawaii, they just beat
their closest competition, giving them a comfortable lead in their
3. Portland JailBlazers (2)
Portland really has to find a replacement for the injured Vernon Davis
otherwise they will never live up to their potential.
4. Seattle Giants (6)
This team is talented, but they play in a tough division.
5. New York Ruff Ryders (4)
New York was exposed this week when they lost to those damn Yanquis.  So
even if they win their division, I can't justify a top four spot in my
rankings.  Unless they add more talent, they'll get whooped in the
playoffs.  I guarantee that.
6. Philadelphia Phanatics (5)
The coaching staff dropped the ball terribly this week, as they could
have easily won this game had they started the right people.  They still
have a shot at the playoffs, but they can not lose from here on.
7. Springfield Pirates (8)
They won big-time this week.  Now they have a serious shot at the
playoffs, unless New York comes out of their slump.
8. New Jersey Archenemy (7)
New Jersey gets the edge over Omaha because of the "quality of opponent"
9. Omaha 9Ball (9)
Everyone in the Central (except New York) moves up or stays because of
the realistic chance to win the division.
10. Lathom Legion (10) & Connecticut Yanquis (12)
This was a tough call. so I decided not to make it.
Lathom will decline next week unless they win.  The only thing saving
them now is their decent record.
As for Connecticut, they actually-get this-have a shot at making the
playoffs.  Unbelievable.
12. Loudonville Legends (11)
I'm not joking: go after Alex Smith or Tony Romo with multi-year
contract offers. now!
Game of Week 9 - Philadelphia Phanatics @ New Jersey ArchEnemy
I was so tempted to pick the Miami @ Hawaii game-especially because that
would have meant an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii-but I have to go
with Philadelphia @ New Jersey because of the implications of this game.
The losers will lose more than a game: they can kiss the playoffs
Prediction: Philadelphia takes it 60-55, keeping the playoff hunt tight.