Week 9 Power Rankings
by Joe Carrot
November 7, 2006
ATLANTIC OCEAN, MIDDLE OF NOWHERE-Let's get right to it: why am I out in
the middle of the Atlantic Ocean instead of Atlantic City, the site of
week 9's Game of the Week?
Quite frankly, as a native New Yorker, I know for a fact that New Jersey
Another (and more pressing) reason: I predicted the Phanatics would edge
the ArchEnemy and feared for my life.  People from New Jersey are
basically savages.
On that topic: New Jersey's win over Philadelphia all but officially
eliminates Philadelphia from playoff contention.  However, the ArchEnemy
shouldn't get complacent.  They're still a game back in their
1. Hawaiian Punch (1)
Their tough win over Miami keeps them on top.
2. Miami Dolphins (2)
They lost, but it was to a great team.  They still are leading their
division, they just have to make sure they don't get complacent.
3. Portland JailBlazers (3)
Portland came up big this weekend and is now the favorite to win the
wild card.
4. New York Ruff Ryders (5) & 5. Seattle Giants (4)
New York's win over Seattle means these teams switch spots.  But New
York could lose the division at any moment.  The Central will go down to
the wire.
Seattle is talented, but they're not built for the long-term.  I suggest
this team goes after people in Free Agency with multi-year contract
6. New Jersey Archenemy (8) & 7. Philadelphia Phanatics (6)
My ranking reflects New Jersey's win over the Phanatics.
Tip for New Jersey: go after another quarterback, since David Carr is no
longer reliable.
Tip for Philadelphia: go after a running back with a multi-year deal.
If you can't trade for one, sign one.
8. Springfield Pirates (7)
They still have a shot at the playoffs, which is remarkable.  Funny
thing is they are probably the most talented team in the division.
9. Connecticut Yanquis (11)
Connecticut now is tied for the division lead.  Therefore, they have
earned the highest spot they've ever had in my rankings.
10. Omaha 9Ball (9)
They really underestimated the Yanquis this weekend.  If Omaha loses
next week while everyone else in the Central wins, the 9Ball could be
the first team from that division eliminated from playoff contention.
11. Lathom Legion (10)
They didn't do anything to lose last week's spot.  It was really bad
luck more than anything: the other four bottom-feeding teams - except
Loudonville - had better games.
12. Loudonville Legends (12)
The Legends need to rebuild for next year!
Game of Week 10 - Philadelphia Phanatics @ New York Ruff Ryders
This game means a lot more to New York than it does to Philadelphia; New
York needs to win and score many a point in order to keep the lead in
their division.  Even though the Phanatics are probably eliminated from
playoff contention, they still have a mathematical shot at making the
playoffs.  More importantly, they're playing for pride and want to start
taking names.
Prediction: Philadelphia mauls New York, 70-55, and chaos ensues in the
(Also, I can actually visit a place of civilization, as opposed to New