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Springfield Pirates
Coach Shawn Gordy

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QB Jay Cutler @ New England Patriots (Sun 8:15p)
Jake Plummer @ New England Patriots (Sun 8:15p)
Kurt Warner vs. St. Louis Rams (Sun 4:15p)
RB Mike Anderson @ Cleveland Browns (Sun 4:05p)
Larry Johnson - BYE
Jamal Lewis (Probable) @ Cleveland Browns (Sun 4:05p)
Vernand Morency @ Detroit Lions (Sun 1:00p)
Fred Taylor @ Indianapolis Colts (Sun 1:00p)
WR Antonio Bryant vs. Philadelphia Eagles (Sun 4:15p)
Chris Chambers vs. Tennessee Titans (Sun 1:00p)
Lee Evans vs. New York Jets (Sun 1:00p)
Doug Gabriel (Probable) vs. Denver Broncos (Sun 8:15p)
TE Jeremy Shockey (Probable) @ Seattle Seahawks (Sun 4:15p)
PK John Carney vs. Atlanta Falcons (Mon 8:30p)
Def New England Defense vs. Denver Broncos (Sun 8:15p)

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