Maniak Network Leagues Charter

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Welcome to the Maniak Football League. The text presented in this document, which is supreme to all others in this league, hereby governs the MFL Networks  absolutely. 


Upon receiving a franchise, ownership will be required to establish the football club.  The following is a list of those items required to fully establish a football club:

- geography
- mascot
- logo
- staff.


Each football club is required to represent a city, state or region.  This is where many of the games and club operations will take place.  Representation is restricted to the continental United States of America. 

Some examples of representation are New Orleans (city), Texas (state), or New England (region).


Each football club is required to have a mascot.  This is generally something that will define the club and give it an identity. 

Some examples full of football club names are Ohio Phantoms, Atlanta Venom or Texas Stallions.


A logo is a graphic image that is used to visually identify the club.  These are generally placed on the helmets, jerseys and other team apparel.  An ownership does not actually have to design the logo, just the concept.  The league is available for assistance in designing the logo.  The concept consists of the team colors and idea for the logo.  The number of colors can range from two to four.  Many logos consist of animals or lettering.  (The league will provide the base while ownership provides the general idea).


Each owner will be required to hire a staff.  These are the people who run the franchise and/or are on the sidelines calling the plays and leading the club throughout a game.  There is no cost to fire and hire new coaches.  The following coaches are recommended/required, respectively:

- general manager
- head coach


            Should a franchise want an individual currently on the staff of another franchise, that franchise should contact the other franchise.  General Managers and Head Coaches are protected, meaning they cannot join the staffs of other franchises unless they have the permission of the franchise that currently employs them.

Establishment Restrictions-

The MFL Council must approve final establishment of the football club.  Profanity will not be tolerated.  No two clubs can have the same geographic representation, have identical or similar nicknames, share identical or similar logos, or hire the same staff.  Doing so may cause problems with team identities and infringe on another club’s rights. 

Whether in whole or in part, owners cannot own more than one football club in the MFL.


Ownership that wishes to relocate to another city, rename the football club or redesign the logo will be subject to approval by the MFL Council.  Ownership that wishes to perform any of the aforementioned actions must not do so during the regular season.  Furthermore, there is a fee.

Folding Franchises-

Ownership that wishes to cease operation in the MFL, must attempt to sell the franchise.  The MFL Council must also approve the sale of the franchise.  Should an owner fail to sell the franchise, all rights to the franchise and its operations are forfeited to the league.  The franchise will then be dealt with in anyway that the MFL Council deems appropriate.

Expansion Franchises-

The league may choose to expand in the future to increase revenue and competition.  Each case of expansion is dealt with according to the current environmental and economic situation of the league.  Certain criteria must be met before expansion can occur.  Upon official announcement of expansion by the MFL Council, full details will be distributed.

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