Maniak Network Leagues Charter

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Initially a club’s roster will have 15 athletes from the draft.  Clubs don't have to keep the team they drafted.  They can cut existing athletes, waive athletes, perform trades with fellow clubs, or sign athletes from the Free Agent pool. 

A team is allowed to have a maximum 15 active athletes on their roster at any given time.  A team roster can never exceed this maximum.  A team will not receive points for active lineup slots not filled with an athlete.

A team roster must have a minimum of 10 players.  These 10 players must be able to fill in a starting lineup.

Injured Reserve- 

Clubs may place a player on Injured Reserve at any given time during the season.  Injured reserve players’ salaries count against the salary cap, but they won’t count as one of the 15 members of a roster.

Any player listed as OUT on the official NFL Injury Report may be placed on Injured Reserve.

Players listed as QUESTIONABLE, DOUBTFUL or PROBABLE may not be placed on Injured Reserve.

Players de-activated for a game by their NFL team are not eligible for Injured Reserve.

Teams may place players on Injured Reserve or activate them from Injured Reserve only during the weekly transaction periods.

If a player is no longer listed as OUT on the official NFL Injury Report, the team owner has 7 days to either activate or release the player. If a player is not activated in the given period, the Commissioner, without notification, will put the player into Free Agency.

All players on Injured Reserve must be activated prior the end of the season (Week 17 transaction period) or they automatically become free agents.


A team can start up to 9 athletes every week.  The lineup deadline is listed in the MFL Calendar.  The exact deadline will be listed at the bottom of team pages.  A team does not have to change their lineup every week, but their starters will remain the same until they change them.

A starting roster has spots for 9 athletes. The positions that need to be filled for a full starting lineup are listed below:

- quarterback
- running back
- wide receiver
- wide receiver
- tight end
- offensive flex (rb/wr/te)
- offensive flex (rb/wr/te)
- kicker
- defensive team

*A team does not have to start an athlete at a position (called “blank spotting”) yet that team will not receive any fantasy points for any unfilled position.  A team is only allowed four blank spots each season.  A team may only use a maximum of two blank spots in each of the two regular season weeks prior to the playoffs.

Bench Athletes-

All athletes that are not in one of the 9 starting spots on your active lineup are bench athletes.  You will not receive fantasy points from these athletes.  You can move athletes from the bench to a starting position and back as often as you like, as long as it is done by the lineup deadline.

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